An Inside View 2023: Must-Visit Car Shows UK

An Inside View 2023: Must-Visit Car Shows UK

Here's an inside view on what our car show list looks like for 2023. We will be going to a variety of UK shows this year - big, small, JDM, and general. After a lot of research and thought into car shows this year - we can promise this list will not disappoint - especially for all you JDM folk!

Anything with a green square      in front of it means we have a trade stand booked there, anything with an orange square      in front of it means we're still undecided or in the process of booking.


Car Shows 2023


     2nd April: Tucked At The Museum (British Motor Museum)

     23rd April: JapFest (Silverstone)



     1st May: AdamC Fest (Whilton Mill Kart Circuit)

     13th May: AutoFestUK Season Starter (Bath & West Showground)

     14th May: JapShow (Santa Pod)

     27th May: Exclusive JDM Season Opener (The Motorist)

     28th May: Jappuccino (Manchester)



     4th June: PlusFourFour (Wiltshire)

     11th June: BHP Fuel Fest (Devon)



     2nd July: Kulturschock (Gateshead International Stadium)


     16th July: Tucked at the Manor (Turvey House)

     21-23rd July: Modified Nationals (Lincoln)



     13th: The Ultimate Show (Liverpool)

     20th: Jap Performance Show (Telford)

     26-27th: Gravity (NEC Birmingham) 



     24th: Exclusive JDM Full Scale (Newark Showground)



     8th: JapShow Finale (Santa Pod)


     28th-29th: Drift Matsuri



     5th: Ultimate Stance (Telford)



Updated: 28th September 2023. Keep an eye on this page for more show dates for 2024!

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