How to Install a Car Sticker


  • We advise using this guide to apply your decals, as we cannot issue a refund or replacement due to incorrect use or application. If you feel you are unable to apply your decal, then please contact us.
  • Always apply your decal in a neutral temperature. Do not apply your decal in temperatures too hot, cold, humid, in rain, winds, or heatwaves.
  • If you have bought any of our special vinyl films (chrome, holographic, reflective, sparkles, glow in the dark) then the vinyl may be a little harder to transfer onto the transfer tape as these vinyls are much heavier than normal gloss or matt colours. Please take extra care when fitting those colours.
  • For XL rear window stickers, please avoid using your wiper blade for the first 24 hours after application, to give the sticker time to bond with the surface.


Step 1: Clean the application surface with a clean microfibre and isopropyl rubbing alcohol or water, so that the surface is free of dust, dirt, and grime. Please ensure you remove any wax, ceramic coating, or protectors from the surface. Do not use any generic glass cleaner as these can leave residue and cause the decal to peel and bubble. Make sure to dry the surface before you move onto step 2.

Step 2: Although we do this before sending them it’s a good practise to do it again. Before you rip off the backing paper make sure to squeegee the decal. This can also be done using a microfibre. This ensures that the vinyl is stuck fully to the transfer tape ready for you to install it.

Step 3: Figure out where you would like your brand-new decal to go. You may want to use masking tape and a tape measure to make sure it is level and straight, especially if it’s one of our bigger decals.

Step 4: Remove the paper backing by carefully peeling it away from the transparent transfer tape. Your vinyl decal should come off onto the tape. If the decal sticks to the paper backing, we advise using your finger to apply pressure in the problemed area. Some of the smaller letters may be tricky so make sure you take your time.

Step 5: Position your decal in your desired location and press down firmly. With your squeegee, work outwards from the centre applying even pressure to your decal, ensuring all air bubbles are removed out to the edge.

Step 6: Carefully peel the application tape away at an angle, ensuring the decal sticks to the surface. If your decal seems to be sticking to the transfer tape, make sure to use your squeegee or finger to apply pressure to the problem area.