How to Install a Printed Sunstrip


  • We advise using this guide to apply your sunstrip, as we cannot issue a refund or replacement due to incorrect use or application. If you feel you are unable to apply your sunstrip, then please contact us.
  • Always apply your sunstrip in a neutral temperature. Do not apply your sunstrip in temperatures too hot, cold, humid, in rain, winds, or heatwaves.
  • All our printed sunstrips are made from vinyl with air-release technology (bubble-free application), this means the vinyl is DRY APPLICATION ONLY.


Step 1: Clean the windscreen with a clean microfibre and isopropyl rubbing alcohol or water, so that the surface is free of dust, dirt, and grime. Please ensure you remove any wax, ceramic coating, or protectors from the surface. Do not use any generic glass cleaner as these can leave residue and cause the sunstrip to peel and bubble. Make sure to dry the surface before you move onto step 2.

Step 2: Measure up your sun strip to the windscreen making sure it is level using a tape measure and masking tape to mark both sides where you would like to place your sun strip.

Step 3: Peel off the paper backing and place the vinyl on the windscreen making sure both ends line up with the masking tape mark placed before.

Step 4: Squeegee out all the air bubbles from under the vinyl ensuring it is perfectly flat. Cut the excess vinyl off around the edges using a sharp craft knife.